crystal bead rings and wire wrapped gold and silver rings, made in Byron Bay by Thias Miller the crystal Artisan.
Kylee Joy art print of Mahras Breath. Hand made in Byron Bay . Lioness and women art.

Soul women of stars and stone, print on canvas, hand crafted in Byron Bay Australia by Kylee Joy. Mixed media


As a visionary artist, my work is inspired by the natural world and the mysteries of the Cosmos. Through my art, I seek to create a sense of wonder, beauty and awe, inviting viewers to see the world in a new light.

As a multidisciplinary/visinary artist, I enjoy incorporating people, animals, and nature into my artwork. My style is highly detailed and incorporates a range of mediums, including graphite, watercolor, acrylics, oils, spray paints, pastels, and homemade paints made from the earth. I'm always experimenting with different techniques and materials to create a textured, layered effect that draws the viewer in.

At the heart of my work is a desire to uplift others and to inspire change. I believes that art has the power to bridge divides and to bring people together, and I use my art as a platform to share my vision for a more harmonious and sustainable world.

Through my art, I invite viewers to join me on a journey of discovery, exploring the beauty and complexity of the world around us and finding our place within it.

Winona and Grace paining and prints, artisan crafted in Byron Bay by Kylee Joy, mixed media.
Divine Union Art Print, artisan crafted in Byron Bay By Kylee Joy.
Flight print on Canvas or 100% cotton rag paper, artisan crafted by Kylee Joy in Byron Bay Australia. Boho Style.
Essential oil Blend of perfume 3ml , cedar wood , rosewood, and rose geranium essential oils, in glass bottle


Your diffuser bracelet is a beautiful, unique way of enjoying the many benefits of both aromatherapy and crystals on the go. You'll be pleased to discover our bracelets are made of natural gemstones, pearls, lava stones and wooden beads, all strung along a truly durable elastic chord. 

Simply apply a drop of Kylee's Heart of the Godddess blend directly to the surface of the lava stones or rosewood beads featured in our bracelets. These porous beads soak up the oil, which slows down the evaporation process, releasing the oils fragrance for many hours. Enjoy this blend as a perfume, or for relief from stress and anxiety, with the aid of Rosewood, Ceedarwood and Rose Geranium essential oils.

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Country, and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

~ Kylee Joy & Thias Miller ~