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Size: 120cm x 80cm

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 This painting channels the ethereal spirit of Migaloo, the revered white Whale that was first sighted in Byron Bay. He hovers above the sacred Northern Rivers coastline, gliding along the ancient song lines. Using hand made pigments from the earth, the artwork becomes a spiritual celebration of the deep and mystical connection between earth and its sentient beings.

White animals,  have long held a profound cultural and symbolic significance in various cultures, often viewed as bingers of change, divine intervention, or prophetic messages. These interpretations may differ across cultures, but they typically represent something unusual, extraordinary, and transformative.

These white animals, like the white whale, serve as potent symbols and prophetic signs in our cultural stories and mythologies. Their appearances evoke a sense of wonder and the promise of change, acting as reminders of the mysterious aspects of our existence and the ever-present possibility of transformation.

Migaloo, an Aboriginal Australian word meaning "white fella," is a famous white humpback whale first sighted off the coast of Byron Bay, Australia, in 1991. As one of the very few known all-white whales in the world, Migaloo quickly captured the public's imagination. His yearly migration up the east coast of Australia became a significant event, with people eagerly awaiting the chance to glimpse the majestic white whale.

In essence, white animals like Migaloo embody spiritual significance, prophetic change, and divine messages, reminding us of the beauty, wonder, and sacredness of life. They capture our imagination, invite us to explore the mystery of our existence, and inspire us to embrace transformative change for the greater good. They are the divine manifest in nature, guiding us towards a higher consciousness and deeper reverence for the interconnected web of life.

Much love 🧡  Kylee Joy ✨🦅✨ 

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