Kylee Joy, Visionary Artist living on Bunjalung Country in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Painting of Peony flowers and a Lioness gazing into the eyes of a women


I'm Kylee Joy


I am living and working from home in the beautiful, picturesque hinterland on Bundjalung Country Byron Bay.

Through my artwork, I explore themes of ONENESS and our interconnected relationship with all that is, themes that have been with me since childhood.


“I am Inspired to bring more beauty into this world. My Inspiration comes from many places, but mainly this beautiful Earth we live on, the Stars above, and my Dreaming”.

I have great admiration for the artist Susan Seddon Boulet. I love how she intricately expresses the sacredness of all that is by weaving together multidimensional realities into one. I regard her as a kindred spirit and a spiritual mentor on my artistic path.

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