Angel Aura Quartz x 3

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Size: Select your favourite: 4cm high x 1.5cm wide

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A selection of stunning double terminated AAA Clear quartz crystals fused with a microfilm of platinum and silver, which add high vibrational overtones and creates a divine play of light and colour across the surface of the stone.

These unique pieces are hand wrapped in planet-friendly, recycled 925 sterling silver wire that is manufactured in Australia.

They come comple with a high quality electroplated and protected silver plated chain which is watersafe and hypoallergic, and has a very durable lifespan of one to two years of everyday wear.

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Angel Aura: "The Crystal of Divine Grace"

The beautiful play of colours that dance across the surface of Angel Aura Quartz crystals attracts sensitive souls who share a remembrance of their Divine origins. It's high, clear vibrational influence clears all chakras and provides access to the peacefulness, assurance, and knowledge of one's Angelic Spiritual guides and Allies.