Black Panther Essential Oil Bracelet

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Size: 12cm

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Black Panther Bracelets

Black Panthers are renowned totem animals for South American Shamans. They are powerful, protective, composed and very fierce. They will accompany you on inner journeys to places you never dared go before, assisting you to fearlessly clear the deepest blocks wherever they are. They channel the power of the Goddess, the New Moon, and the Earth.

The Cockatoo is a symbol of Light, the Sun and unshakable self confidence. As a companion animal, the cockatoo is a symbol of the shining new Self that emerges after the deep changes facilitated by the Black Panther.

The above qualities are expressed in these bracelets through the vibrational gifts of Black Onyx and Hematite crystals, and Lava stone beads.

Associated Essential Oils

Sage, Gardenia, Spikenard, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Black Spruce, Black Pepper.


"Black Jaguar remind me to deepen my Awareness, eliminate my fears and become a whole new person. I am guided and protected by Light and Love."


Black Onyx: "The Stone of Personal Power"

Onyx is a stone that offers up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, and willpower. This stone is here to continuously push you forward in your life. By activating your root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras, one is able to fully ground themselves to Earth. Not only will Onyx give you a jolt of energy to get up and start pursuing your dreams, but also protect you on your new journey.

Hematite: "The Stone of Strength"

Hematite has many amazing attributes, and so is a popular crystal to wear. Known mainly to ground energy and to protect the wearer, it is also said to help cleanse the blood and regenerating tissue, be helpful in legal situations and to boost self- esteem, will power and confidence.

Lava Rock: "The stone of New Beginnings"

From deep within, primordial energies of earth and fire burst forth, unstoppable and undeniable, to establish fresh ground for new beginnings, even if some of the old is destroyed in the process.