14ct Gold Plated Adjustable Length Necklace, 20% off with any pendant.

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I'm so happy that I've found this awesome chain! The manufacturers apply an extra treatment that protects the 14ct Gold plating, considerably increasing the durability of these chains. Some of my customers have worn this this type of chain every day for a year, and it still looked exactly the same! They genuinely are a great alternative to more expensive gold chains.

They are beautiful and bright, and look great against your skin.

They are adjustable in length, from 15cm to 50cm long, making them easy to layer with other chains.

The little jump rings are really strong, making these chains very durable.

There is no zinc, so these chains will not irritate sensitive skin. 

Please note:

The 20% off discount will be automatically applied when you add both a chain and a crystal pendant to the cart.

If you do decide to buy a chain with your pendant, I will send your pendant on the silver chain instead of the chord, unless otherwise requested in the comments box during checkout.