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Size: 120cm x 80cm

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🤍✨🦬 Inspired by my dreams, over the past 17 years White Buffalo Calf Woman takes on a profound significance for me as an artist. She embodies the sacred pipe, a symbol of a pathway to inner peace, and encourages a reconnection with the innate innocence that echoes her essence. This essence is as pure as a white buffalo, an animal revered in many cultures for its strength, resilience, and spiritual potency.

The white buffalo's rarity in nature only amplifies its symbolic power, just as the White Buffalo Calf Woman's teachings are unique and precious. Her serene gaze serves as a visual testament to the peace and healing we can achieve through prayer, mirroring the spiritual journey that she encourages.

With these teachings from my dream world into my waking life, I've come to understand the incredible healing power of prayer. Through it, we can mend the deepest of wounds, and reignite a peace that has always resided within us. She has taught me the importance of letting go of the past, understanding that incessant focus on past traumas cannot alter their course.

As I tread on the path of love, guided by the White Buffalo Calf Woman, I place my faith in Spirit, the energy that creates worlds to work through me. This divine energy endeavours to balance and reconcile all disparities. By living fully in the present moment, sustained by the power of prayer, I pay tribute to my ancestors and cleanse the past.

This heartfelt prayer, bestowed upon me by the White Buffalo Calf Woman and echoed in my dreams, inspires me towards a renewal of our connections with each other and with Mother Earth. As an artist, it lights my path, calling forth unity, peace, and healing - for myself, humanity, and our precious Earth.

Much love   Kylee Joy ✨🦅✨ 

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