Star Wolf Essential Oil Bracelet

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Star Wolf Essential Oil Bracelet

With wisdom from the Stars and the Moon, the Star Wolf comes to men and women who are seeking a deeper understanding of life and of themselves. For those with a particular spiritual gift to share with others such as healers, teachers and therapists, the Star Wolf is an ideal totem animal.

When those who are seeking a higher path take the time to listen and feel within, the Star Wolf will offer them insights and solutions into life's big questions and challenges. With the light language of the Stars and the intuitive, instinctive wisdom of the moon, the Star Wolf speaks to the heart and lights up the way forward.

For Men and Women who desire to teach, lead or facilitate, the Star Wolf can called upon for: attaining the mental clarity and emotional intelligence to know the right words at the right time; for establishing strong energetic boundaries; and to acquire the spiritual wisdom to authentically awaken and activate others.

Associated Star Signs

Leo, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

(Although we believe anyone would benefit from wearing this bracelet ;)

Associated Essential Oils

Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Black Spruce, Pine Needle oils.


"I call upon the Wisdom, Understanding and Strength of the Star Wolf to guide my next steps along my chosen path, and to lead others, when called upon, along theirs."



Pyrite: " The Crystal of Masculine Energy"

Pyrite is the "go to" crystal to connect with and embody essential qualities of a pure, positive masculine energy. Wearing this crystal will help to: bolster self acceptance and confidence; activate the passion and persistence to see things through; increase physical vitality/libido; empower your auric field against negativity and environmental pollutants; stimulate mental creativity and acuteness.

Kambaba Jasper: "The Crystal of Peace"

Draws wisdom from its ancient life energies and encourages one to open the heart to loving oneself and others more fully.

Moonstone: " The crystal of Feminine Energy"

A beautiful, highly treasured crystal, moonstone channels the luminous, feminine power of the moon to those who wear it. These subtle yet powerful frequencies soothe, heal, balance and restore your emotional body to its natural state of feeling amazing! 

Lava Rock: "The stone of New Beginnings"

From deep within, primordial energies of earth and fire burst forth, unstoppable and undeniable, to establish fresh ground for new beginnings, even if some of the old is destroyed in the process.