San Pedro Bracelet Stack of Two

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San Pedro Bracelets

This beautiful, incredible flower is from the San Pedro cactus, which has been used as a sacred medicine plant in northern Peru for thousands of years! In the words of Peruvian Shaman La Gringa, "San Pedro is a master teacher that helps us heal, grow, learn and awaken, so we reach higher states of consciousness. We also use it to reconnect and to realise that there is no separation between us, the Earth, and the Sky. We are all One. It therefore teaches us to live in balance and harmony, compassion and understanding, and how to love, respect, and honour all things. The day you meet San Pedro your life is changed forever… always for the better.”

Associated Star Signs

Gemini, Pisces and Aquarius.

(Although we believe these bracelets could benefit and compliment anyone ;)

Associated Essential Oils

Jasmin, White Lotus, San Pedro Flower Essence.


"I open like a flower to my True Self and to Universal Belonging. I am in the flow with Heaven and Earth."


Angelite: "The Crystal of Angelic Light"

A crystal to attune one's heart and mind to the soulful realm of the Angels. Use this crystal to call on the Angels for guidance, healing, protection and reassurance. Like the angels, these crystals have a gentle yet powerfully loving energy that flows through them and into your life.

Moonstone: " The crystal of Feminine Energy"

A beautiful, highly treasured crystal, moonstone channels the luminous, feminine power of the moon to those who wear it. These subtle yet powerful frequencies soothe, heal, balance and restore your emotional body to its natural state of feeling amazing! 

Opalite: "The Crystal of Serenity"

With a touch of pure magic, Opalite is able to effortlessly restore Peace to All by providing insight into the positive outcomes of the inevitable changes we all go through.

White Alabaster: "The Crystal of Stillness and Peace"

Clears the way to open connection to the Higher Self, allowing spiritual energy and consciousness to establish peace and calm within the mind, body and emotions.

Lava Rock: "The stone of New Beginnings"

From deep within, primordial energies of earth and fire burst forth, unstoppable and undeniable, establishing fresh ground for new beginnings. Also stimulates creativity and innovation while keeping ones awareness in the present moment.