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Divine Love Essential Oil Bracelet

Designer: Kylee Joy

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Divine Love Essential Oil Bracelet

A bracelet for deep and warm emotional connections, Kylee's Divine Love bracelets are adorned with crystals to open your heart and your arms to others. Heal the past, share the love and enjoy blissful moments with those you cherish.

We've chosen beautifully down to earth Rosewood beads to diffuse any essential oil you like for many hours. Have the many and profound benefits of essential oils on hand during your day- literally!

Associated Artwork

Heart of the Rose.



"I choose to surrender to the Divine Love within my Heart of hearts as it infinitely unfolds like a rose. The magnificence of the feeling overwhelms my mind and unconditional love overflows in abundance from my Heart."


Rose Quartz: "The Crystal of Unconditional Love"

Known as the Love Stone, rose quartz promotes qualities of a strong, loving heart such as tolerance, forgiveness and joy. This crystal heals the heart, empowers compassion, peacefulness, tenderness and encourages deeper connections with others.

Rhodochrosite: "The Crystal of the Compassionate Heart"

Activates and purifies the heart chakra through unconditional love, unleashing the energy to pursue your passions. Gives you full permission to follow your heart and live your dreams!

Pink Ocean Jasper: "The Crystal of Nurturing"

Jasper is often used for healing, with each unique colour of jasper relating particularly with the corresponding Chakra. Therefore, Pink Jasper offers gifts of healing to the heart- restoring balance and wholeness. As our heart is the centre of balance for all that we are and the most reliable source of love in our lives, these healing gifts are called upon throughout our lives, so that we may feel loved, loving and whole.

Freshwater Pearl: "A Gift from the Sea"

Pearls have a timeless beauty and appeal to our desire for a deep connection to nature. They restore harmony to physical rhythms and alignment with lunar cycles. Embodying a feminine energy, freshwater pearls are symbols of purity, love, and wisdom gained over time.

Rosewood: "The bead of kindness"

Rosewood symbolizes the natural kindness of a good, open heart. The tree is said to interact with man by spiritually and mentally harmonizing the wearer with the abundance of wellbeing inherent in Nature. Rosewood is also used for divination and love charms. We love how they diffuse essential oils for hours- perfect for our aromatherapy bracelets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Divine gift

I purchased this as a birthday gift for a dear friend who has been struggling through lockdown. She said it completely made her day and she adores it. The smell is divine and calming and the crystals are perfect to empower her. She wanted to wear it straight away.

Pam Ramos
Very happy with my purchase

Kylee’s divine love essential oil bracelet is so beautiful. I’ve messaged her regarding the wrist size choices on the website worried that what I ordered won’t fit me, she made a slight adjustment for me and it fits perfectly. Thanks so much Kylee.

Rochelle Callaghan
Divine Love Bracelet

I ordered a bracelet online after having purchasing one while on holiday in the Gold Coast recently. I loved my bracelet but unfortunately due to my roughness, it broke. I was unsure about ordering without seeing what I was getting, but now I have received by replacement holiday bracelet, I couldn't be happier with it! Just like the one I had chosen originally, the pink and natural tones matching everything I wear - and it just makes me feel good to look at it. I was especially surprised to receive a free gift - a second bracelet in pale blue tones. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you Kylee Joy

Kimberley Newman

Love very happy and its so beautiful