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Size: 50cm x 60cm

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In the heart of August, during the revered Lion’s Gate Portal from the 8th to the 12th, a canvas transformed.  A radiant white lion, a testament to purity, strength, and divinity. It’s as if its ethereal form emerged from legends of old and new, a guardian of the Cosmos.

The lion, contrasted by a backdrop infused with the very essence of the Earth – pigments derived from the terrains that span our globe. This rich tapestry of earthy tones resonates with an innate connection to our world, grounding the ethereal aura of the lion and star Sirius into a tangible reality.

Glimmers of 24k gold leaf dance across the canvas, evoking the mesmerising rays of the sun.

The Pyramid of Giza, serving as a foundation for the white lion, acts as a bridge between worlds –  where everything is intertwined. 

The careful choice of the Lion's Gate timeframe to create this painting adds layers of esoteric significance. This period, believed by many to be a time of heightened cosmic energy and spiritual awakening, elevates the artwork from a mere visual piece to a deeply symbolic and synchronistic creation.

- Gallery wrapped canvas Art  prints are a beautiful way to personalise any room in your home. 

Printed on High Quality 360gsm Canvas  stretched across a 3cm frame ready to Hang.

Cleaning : Use a static-electricity dusting cloth in a light motion to remove dust.

The larger prints on canvas are outsourced to an Australian business and usually take 14 days or more depending where you live to arrive. 

Blessings Kylee Joy ✨🦅✨