Labradorite Gold Pendant

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This one of a kind, high vibrational piece of Labradorite is 30mm high and 20mm wide. It is hand wrapped in beautiful, hypoallegenic 14kt gold plated wire- which has an extra treatment that considerably prolongs its life.

It comes complete with an adjustable length, black or brown, faux leather chord. Please leave a note during check out if you have a personal preference.

If you'd like to buy a 14ct gold plated chain to compliment this pendant, click here, and add one to the shopping cart- they are 20% off with any crystal pendant.

Labradorite: "The Magical Crystal"

Labradorite is treasured for both it's remarkable beauty and its esoteric properties. Looking into the depths of this crystal will often delight the viewer with vivid flashes of blue, green, gold and violet luminescence. It is known to activate greater intuitive and psychic abilities such as clarvoyance, telepathy, and communications from the Higher Self and Spiritual Guides. It also offers buffers your aura against psychic and EMR interference, keeping you clear and energised. 

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Will my pendant be cleansed before shipping? A: Yes. Every pendant is placed on a large bed of Apophyllite which is known to be a great crystal for cleansing and charging any crystals placed on them. I regularly cleanse this "charging bed" with water, moonlight and sunlight. Also, I place a single leaf of sacred White Sage in our packaging for you to use at home.

Q: What if the design I want is not currently available, or I'd like more than one in a similar design? A: Please message me using our contact us form and I will notify you as soon as its re-listed, or with any relevant details.

Q: Where do the crystals come from? A: I purchase most of my crystals locally from crystal wholesalers, friends who sell crystals and a local legend from Burringbar. I'll mention the origin of a crystal in the description of a listing if I know it for sure, especially if it's from Australia.