"Goddess of Victory"

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Size: 60cm x 40cm

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In the quiet depths of my dreams, I found myself climbing a huge statue, its form both imposing and exquisite. The statue, I found out a few months later was the Goddess of Victory. As I ascended, each movement felt like a dance with destiny, a climb towards my own triumphs and aspirations. With the wind whispering tales of ancient glories through her outstretched wings, the goddess beckoned me to rise, within my own life—to embrace the victories waiting for me beyond the slumber's veil. This ethereal encounter, both empowering and humbling, inspired the canvas before me, a homage to the divine ascent and the stirring realisation that within us all lies the potential for greatness, as boundless as the sky cradled by Victory's immortal wings.

Created with handmade pigment paints sourced from the very earth itself, the goddess Victory takes centre stage, her form both graceful and commanding as she lifts the veils of reality to usher in the ethereal  cosmic light codes. This light, drawn from the stars and stone, feels as though it is not just being revealed to me but also being anchored through me, creating a bridge between the heavens and our precious Earth.


As the creator of this piece, I feel a sense of accomplishment and connection. The act of painting becomes a meditation, a prayer of sorts, through which I seek to understand and express the sacred energy that ties all living things to the greater cosmos. This goddess, represents to me not just triumph but the revelation of beauty, the unfolding of inner truth, and the harmonious blending of universal energies with our earthly existence.

The painting moves me, it speaks to parts of my being that are often quiet, awakening a sense of wonder and reverence. Through the divine feminine, I explore the notions of creation, existence, and the unending cycle of life and light. It is my hope that this piece not only captures the imagination of those who view it but also evokes the same sense of spiritual exploration and connectedness that I experienced in its creation. ✨🙏🏽

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Printed on High Quality 360gsm Canvas  stretched across a 3cm frame ready to Hang.

Cleaning : Use a static-electricity dusting cloth in a light motion to remove dust.

The larger prints on canvas are outsourced to an Australian business and usually take 14 days or more depending where you live to arrive. 

Blessings Kylee Joy ✨🦅✨