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SpiritArt Mandala's are perhaps Kylee's favourite creative, artistic expression. She enjoys working with the Energy these Mandala's embody because they resonate so powerfully with what she is here to share from her Dreaming. She has been creating them for over 20 years, and will be for many years to come.

The word Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle. Mandala's are concentric works of art with balancing elements that promote unity and harmony within the viewer. Each unique Mandala is created with a specific purpose in mind, to serve those who contemplate them in specific ways.

Spirit guides in the form of Dieties, Animal Totems, and nature Devas are recognised the world over for the gifts they bring to our ever evolving and awakening Journey through Life.

As you open yourself to receive these gifts through meditation or dreaming, you will become more of who you Truly are and so live in fuller, more loving ways.

Having one of Kylee's SpiritArt Mandalas in your home, ideally in your bedroom, is a statement of your readiness and openness to invite their unique and powerful influences into your life. They will show up in your Dreams and whisper loving council to your heart when guidance is sought in quiet moments.

About Kylee's "Dolphin's Bliss" design:

Dolphins are a lifelong Spirit companion of Kylee's. They have been visiting her in her dreams since she was a child. In 2011 to 2013, Kylee had a series of significant dreams involving blissful, loving dolphins. From those dreams she was inspired to connect even more deeply with dolphins and bring their special energies and gifts to a more tangible reality through multiple works of art.

"Dolphin's Bliss", shown in the photo's above, is Kylee's original oil on canvas used for this silk scarf design. Dolphin's Bliss represents how closely associated dolphins are to Source Energy for Kylee. In Spirit as in Life, they are true ambassadors of Divine Love and Ecstatic Bliss. Their gifts are offered to our hearts as we choose to live in more loving, joyful ways. They are highly intelligent, yet playful and lighthearted, helping us to wisely let go and have more fun! Connected to the vast beauty of the ocean and the power of water, they bring the grace of Flow into our lives.

This is the poem that accompanies the painting in our contemplative coffee table art book Heavenly Earth Art:

The seed of Life,
Infinite Source Energy of Creation,
Is so beautifully expressed,
By these Blissful Dolphins.
As they pulse their sonar,
Waves of Energy,
Ripple through my Being.
My mind opens to Light,
My heart to Love,
And my body to Ecstacy!
Such Sacred interaction,
Is the outcome of,
Alignment with,
The Joyful Being,
That I Am.

Special Features:

- High quality giclee print of Kylee's unique Visionary Art.

- Intuitively hand chosen charms, beads, crystals, and feathers.

- Matching, harmonious arrangement of boho materials such as lace, cotton, wool and other fabrics ranging in colour from whites and creams to purples, pinks, etc

- we invite custom orders from those who would like to choose the type of charm and/or crystal they prefer. Other requirements will be considered also, just message us :)

Lead time for delivery:

- We are able to ship most orders within a few working days, but due to the hand made nature of our business, please allow up to one week for us to make your dreamcatcher before sending it, if one is not already in stock.

- Contact us for orders that require faster delivery.

Shipping from Australia notes:

- For Australian addresses we ship via Express Post. For most, this means overnight.

- For anywhere else in the world, we ship via a registered, secure service that takes between 3 - 10 days.

We thank you so much for considering one of our SpiritArt Mandalas. If you like what you've seen, you'll find a lot more in our etsy store. See you there!