Dolphin Dreaming Essential Oil Bracelet

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Dolphin Dreaming Bracelets

Hand made by Kylee with the intention to open the doors of the Heart with the divine guidance of the Dolphin totem. Access more Unconditional Love in all areas of your life, as blissful Dolphins express so well.

Featured on our Dolphin Dreaming bracelets are Rose Quartz and Sea Sediment Jasper crystals, collaborating with champagne freshwater pearls to assist the power of Love to flow in abundance from the heart.

We've chosen beautifully down to earth Rosewood beads to diffuse any essential oil you like for many hours. Have the many and profound benefits of essential oils on hand during your day- literally!


"Into the scared space of my heart I now invite the Dolphin's Song, and open to the blissful communion they wish to share with me in this moment."


Rose Quartz: "The Crystal of Unconditional Love"

Known as the Love Stone, rose quartz promotes qualities of a strong, loving heart such as tolerance, forgiveness and joy. This crystal heals the heart, empowers compassion, peacefulness, tenderness and encourages deeper connections with others.

Sea-sediment Jasper: "Crystal of Emotional Stability"

This form of Jasper is fantastic for meditation as it is a stone that assists one to find states of clarity, inner peace, love and compassion. A connection to the sea, with a grounding force that balances and stabalises the emotional field.

Freshwater Pearl: "A Gift from the Sea"

Pearls have a timeless symbology and luminescent beauty that appeals to a desire for deeply personal connections. They restore harmony to physical and emotional rhythms through alignment with the cycles of nature. Embodying a gentle and pure feminine energy, freshwater pearls are symbols of innocence, love, and wisdom.

Rosewood: "The bead of kindness"

Rosewood symbolizes the natural kindness of a good, open heart. The tree is said to interact with man by spiritually and mentally harmonizing the wearer with the abundance of wellbeing inherent in Nature. Rosewood is also used for divination and love charms. We love how they diffuse essential oils for hours- perfect for our aromatherapy bracelets.