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 DIRECTIONS & USES~ 100 ml  

                                    ~ Shake well and set your Intention

                                    ~ Clearing and Purifying your home 

                                    ~ Raising your Frequency 

                                    ~ Deepening your connection with the Earth

                                    ~ Creating Sacred space before your rituals

                                    ~ beautifying your Body

INGREDIENTS ~ Love, Joy, Teacher, Intuition, strength ~ Spring Water ~ organic solubilizer of coconut and Almond.

Essential Oils

Lime ~  Vanilla ~ Spearmint ~ Black Spruce ~ Cedarwood ~ Nag Champa 

Crystal Essences

Larimar ~ Aqua Aura ~ Rose Quartz 


About Kylee's "Dolphin's Bliss" 

Dolphins are a lifelong Spirit companion of Kylee's. They have been visiting her in her dreams since she was a child. In 2011 to 2013, Kylee had a series of significant dreams involving blissful, loving dolphins. From those dreams, she was inspired to connect even more deeply with dolphins and bring their special energies and gifts to a more tangible reality through multiple works of art. 

 Dolphin's Bliss represents how closely associated dolphins are to Source Energy for Kylee. In Spirit as in Life, they are true ambassadors of Divine Love and Ecstatic Bliss. Their gifts are offered to our hearts as we choose to live in more loving, joyful ways. They are highly intelligent, yet playful and lighthearted, helping us to wisely let go and have more fun! Connected to the vast beauty of the ocean and the power of water, they bring the grace of Flow into our lives.

This is the poem that accompanies the painting in our contemplative coffee table art book Heavenly Earth Art:

The seed of Life,
Infinite Source Energy of Creation,
Is so beautifully expressed,
By these Blissful Dolphins.
As they pulse their sonar,
Waves of Energy,
Ripple through my Being.
My mind opens to Light,
My heart to Love,
And my body to Ecstacy!
Such Sacred interaction,
Is the outcome of,
Alignment with,
The Joyful Being,
That I Am.