Gold Crystal Amazonite Bracelet

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Important: Please select the correct length of your bracelet before adding to cart. Simply measure your wrist in cm. If in doubt, choose a larger size.: 12cm

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Amazonite: "The Crystal of Courageous Truth"

As powerful as the river after which it is named, Amazonite flows through the heart and throat chakras, improving leadership skills such as confident, clear communication from the heart

White Alabaster: "The Crystal of Purity and Peace"

Clears the way to open a connection with the Higher Self, allowing your own higher spiritual energy and consciousness to establish peace and calm within your mind, body and emotions.

Opalite Moonstone: "The Bringer of Serenity"

With a touch of pure magic, Opalite Moonstone is able to effortlessly restore Peace to All by shining its subtle light onto the positive outcomes that are born out of the contrast we all experience during life.

Freshwater Pearl: "A Gift from the Sea"

Pearls have a timeless beauty and appeal to our desire for a deep connection to nature. They restore harmony to physical rhythms and alignment with lunar cycles. Embodying a feminine energy, freshwater pearls are symbols of purity, love, and wisdom gained over time.

*Crystal size, is 8mm 6mm and 4mm beads used to make this bracelet.