Dolphin Bliss Silk Scarf

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Why a Kylee Joy designed Silk scarf?

Wrap yourself in the uplifting, expansive energy of a Kylee Joy wearable art piece and you can't help but feel the amazing energy they bring to your life!
Hand painted from a pure source of inspiration- to express beauty, Spirit and Grace. Kylee's designs are a statement of spiritual integrity, power and beauty. They are appreciated by those who love connecting with their Inner guidance and centers of power, as well as basking in all the beauty and harmony of Nature.
As they can be worn in so many different ways, you'll be able to wear them as an elegant scarf, a halter top, a stylish shawl and in other creative, beautiful ways to suit any occasion. Silk is famous for feeling incredible on your skin while keeping you cool during the day and warm in the evening.

About Kylee's "Dolphin's Bliss" design:

Dolphins are a lifelong Spirit companion of Kylee's. They have been visiting her in her dreams since she was a child. In 2011 to 2013, Kylee had a series of significant dreams involving blissful, loving dolphins. From those dreams she was inspired to connect even more deeply with dolphins and bring their special energies and gifts to a more tangible reality through multiple works of art.
"Dolphin's Bliss", shown in the photo's above, is Kylee's original oil on canvas used for this silk scarf design. "Dolphin's Bliss" represents the close association dolphins have to Source Energy. In Spirit as in Life, they are true ambassadors of Divine Love and Ecstatic Bliss. Their gifts are offered to our hearts as we choose to live in more loving, joyful ways. They are highly intelligent, yet playful and lighthearted, helping us to wisely let go and have more fun! Connected to the vast beauty of the ocean and the power of water, they bring the grace of Flow into our lives.

This is the poem that accompanies the painting in our contemplative coffee table art book Heavenly Earth Art:

The seed of Life,
Infinite Source Energy of Creation,
Is so beautifully expressed,
By these Blissful Dolphins.
As they pulse their sonar,
Waves of Energy,
Ripple through my Being.
My mind opens to Light,
My heart to Love,
And my body to Ecstacy!
Such Sacred interaction,
Is the outcome of,
Alignment with,
The Joyful Being,
That I Am.

About SIlk:

You will love the many fine qualities of silk, still regarded as the most luxurious clothing material.
Artistically, silk's iridescence, transparency and smoothness make a wonderful medium for producing stunning digital prints with vibrant colours and fine details.
Aesthetically, for wearing, silk is famous globally for its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty. Silk is naturally resistant to creasing and looks and feels wonderfully smooth.
Silk is highly breathable and regulates temperature, so it feels more comfortable than other fabrics or blends.

About Kylee's wearable art range:

Kylee Joy's unique range of exquisite silk scarves are the realisation of her dream to present her original visionary artworks on luxurious, flowing materials.
Printed on shimmering, soft and ever so smooth pure silk, her inspirational works are transformed into stunning wearable art pieces that can be worn in ways that look absolutely amazing for any occasion. Alternatively, her silk print range can be displayed as beautiful, uplifting and expansive art pieces for any home, office, yoga, meditation or healing space.
Kylee lovingly spends between 200 and 500 hours, focusing and blending, layer upon layer, to create each original artwork. Therefore, she only completes four to six paintings a year. The results are highly regarded for their incredible beauty, potent energy and spiritual purity.
Using only the best professional photographs, Kylee employs her own graphic art skills to digitally transform the original masterpieces into her gorgeous silk scarf designs.

Thank you for considering one of our wearable art silk prints. 

Many Blessings,
Kylee and Thias