Green Tara Essential Oil Bracelet Satck of Two

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Green Tara Essential Oil Bracelet

A beloved Tibetan Buddhist Deity, Green Tara is known as the "Mother of All Buddhas". Connected to Source above and below, she is a divine expression of balance, grace and flow. With Universal and Unconditional Love she brings peace and strength to the heart, reminding us of the eternal perfection of our own true nature. She is completely devoted to the liberation and enlightenment of all Beings.

Her Mantra "Om Tara, Tuttare, Ture Soha" is a declaration to humbly surrender to her higher will, so that your own alignment with the divine may be restored.

Associated Artwork

Green Tara

Associated Star Signs

Pisces, Aquarius, Libra and Virgo.

(Although we believe these bracelets will benefit and compliment anyone ;)

Associated Essential Oils

Rose, Jasmine, Pink Lotus and Bergamot.


"Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha"

"Goddess Green Tara, Mother of all Buddhas, open my heart now to the flow of Wisdom and Love from within. I am ready and willing for change and growth."

Crystal Meanings

Rose Quartz: "The Crystal of Unconditional Love"

Known as the Love Stone, rose quartz promotes qualities of a strong, loving heart such as tolerance, forgiveness and joy. This crystal heals the heart, empowers compassion, peacefulness, tenderness and encourages deeper connections with others.

Rhodochrosite: "The Crystal of the Compassionate Heart"

Activates and purifies the heart chakra through unconditional love, unleashing the energy to pursue your passions. Gives you full permission to follow your heart and live your dreams!

Jade: "The Crystal of Purity"

Treasured for millennia across the globe, Jade is a beautiful stone that bestows upon the wearer many gifts. It is protective, deeply healing, and promotes tranquility, abundance and longevity.

Hematite: "The Crystal of Strength"

Hematite has many amazing attributes, and so is a popular crystal to wear. Known mainly to ground energy and to protect the wearer, it is also said to help cleanse the blood and regenerating tissue, be helpful in legal situations and to boost self- esteem, will power and confidence. 

Freshwater Pearl: "A Gift from the Sea"

Pearls have a timeless beauty and appeal to our desire for a deep connection to nature. They restore harmony to physical rhythms and alignment with lunar cycles. Embodying a feminine energy, freshwater pearls are symbols of purity, love, and wisdom gained over time.

Lava Rock: "The stone of New Beginnings"

From deep within, primordial energies of earth and fire burst forth, unstoppable and undeniable, to establish fresh ground for new beginnings, even if some of the old is destroyed in the process.