Gaia Essential Oil Bracelet

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These earth goddess bracelets are all about connecting deeply with our Mother Earth, Gaia. Carefully chosen to celebrate the gifts of nature, the harmonious crystal energies of Moss Agate, African Turquoise, Dragons Agate, and Dalmation Jasper collectively ground, stabilise, calm, and nurture. 


African Turquoise: "The Crystal of Kings, Shamans & Warriors"

Resonating with wisdom, truth and integrity, African Turquoise empowers its wearers to forge their own path and lead others through the power of their radiant example.

Rosewood: "The bead of kindness"

Rosewood symbolizes the natural kindness of a good, open heart. The tree is said to interact with man by spiritually and mentally harmonizing the wearer with the abundance of wellbeing inherent in Nature. Rosewood is also used for divination and love charms. We love how they diffuse essential oils for hours- perfect for our aromatherapy bracelets.