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 White Buffalo Calf Women 

White Buffalo Calf Woman is a Holy Woman of North American Indian spiritual traditions. Known as "She of a Thousand White Clouds and Thunder Beings" she brought to the people sacred gifts for healing, ritual dances, and sacred ceremonies for honouring and communing with Great Spirit. She brought the "Chanunpa"- the Sacred Peace Pipe, as well as the sun dance, the inipi (sweat lodge) and the hanblecia (the vision quest), among other rituals.

She is a powerful spirit guide who offers peaceful resolution of inner conflict, strength, and a clear vision for moving forward in alignment with your heart's calling in life.

As Chakra Bracelets, they are perfect for affirming a wholistic approach to living. With every level of your being resonated by our carefully selected crystals, you are sure to feel the benefits tingling all over, facilitating overall balance, harmony and wellbeing!

Associated Star Signs:

All Star Signs resonate with and benefit from the White Buffalo Calf Women Bracelet.


 Howlite: "The Crystal of Deep Calm"

Also known as a guardian stone, Howlite promotes states of profound calm through harmonizing and balancing our energies on all levels.

Blue Howlite: "The Crystal of Deep Calm"

Also known as a guardian stone, Howlite crystals can promote states of profound calm through harmonising and balancing our energies on all levels. Blue Howlite crystals are commonly associated with the Throat Chakra and therefore with strengthening our ability to communicate with honesty, grace and love. 

 Red Coral: "The Tribal Bead"

For centuries, red coral has been treasured as a sacred adornment in Tibetan and Native American ceremonial jewellery. Resonating with the Base Chakra, Red Coral activates a deep and strong connection to the Earth, the Sacred Feminine, and ancient tribal wisdoms.

African Turquoise: "The Crystal of Kings, Shamans & Warriors"

Resonating with wisdom, truth and integrity, African Turquoise empowers its wearers to forge their own path and lead others through the power of their radiant example.

Tridacna: "The Shell of Purity and Wisdom"

Known as the whitest substance found in Nature and one of the Seven Wonders of Buddhism in the Lotus Sutra, our hand carved Tridacna beads promote Inner Peace and Enlightenment through Stillness.

Freshwater Pearl: "A Gift from the Sea"

Pearls have a timeless beauty and appeal to our desire for a deep connection to nature. They restore harmony to physical rhythms and alignment with lunar cycles. Embodying a feminine energy, freshwater pearls are symbols of purity, love, and wisdom gained over time.