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Blue Techno Butterfly Suncatcher

Handmade with love by: Kylee Joy


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Kylee's Blue Techno butterfly suncatchers display a creative, swirling pattern of blue tones with hints of light green finished with silver glitter highlights.

Small suncatchers are perfect for placing in a sunny window or even in your car. They a great gift for children, babies, and as a low budget gift such as a teacher thank you or secret Santa.

Medium suncatchers look stunning in windows throughout any home, big enough to make a striking display. Great for birthdays, spoiling yourself and get well soon gifts.

Large suncatchers create brilliant rainbow spectrums and easily fill big windows and larger open spaces such as verandahs and patios. They make for a meaningful, thoughtful gift for celebrating a memorable occasion.

Extra large suncatchers are a breathtaking work of art with a big wow factor! Made by request only.

It means a lot to us that we do in fact hand make each butterfly and every suncatcher from our Australian home based business in New Brighton, NSW. Years of trial and error have resulted in a fantastic product that lasts for many years, even outdoors. Recent feedback is that they still look exactly the same after five years hanging in a full sun window!

For more information about the meanings and energy attributes of our butterfly suncatchers, visit our About Crystal Suncatchers page.

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