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White Lions

White Lions

The White Lions

Children of the Sun God

"The White Lions have given us the wisdom and inspiration that guides us to true leadership and governance of our Earth. They are like extended family, our very heart and soul. They represent our strength, our love and our purpose."    -Keeper of the White Lions

"It is a heart calling of mine to create artwork, jewellery and other products that remind us of the fusion between humanity and these wise prophets from the wild. I feel they offer us a real opportunity to connect with a great source of light, the "Cosmic Sun". This "Source Energy" is the creative force that lives in everything and guides us to create right relations with All that Is. This is especially important in challenging times, which is why the White Lions have returned at this time to be of service to humanity.

The energy and conciousness of these magnificent beings is available to everyone at all times, and there are many ways of connecting with them. For me, its all about holding a clear intention and achieving a vibrational alignment I can feel radiating in my heart. In the careful selection of the crystals for my bracelets and anklets, and the essential oils for my perfumes and alchemy mists, is the belief in and understanding of the alignment they have with the White Lions. It is my hope that those who choose to take home something from this collection experience an awakening of their heart and a remembrance of their own LionHeartedness as they connect with the White Lion energy.

As the Lions Heart awakens, may we feel the courage and strength to follow our Dreams and fulfill our Life's purpose here on Earth."    -Kylee

"LionHeartedness is a quality of fearlessness inspired by a Love and respect for nature that enables us to save our World. It comes from passion, commitment and a knowledge that you are serving a greater goal which benefits others."    -Linda Tucker