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Whale Song Essesntial Oil Bracelet


Handmade with love by: Kylee Joy


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Whale Song Bracelets

The beautiful deep blues and greens of this selection of crystals include Lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla. Together they resonate with the songs of the whales as they fly weightless through the vast depths of the cosmic conciousness of still serenity endless depths blue seas. Within this vastness, great beings

Affirmation: "I am a Soveriegn being of Divine origins. I now freely choose to align with my highest good, and greatest joy." 

Associated Star signs:  Cancer, Virgo and Libra.


Amethyst: "The Crystal of Divine Connection"

Amethyst is possibly the most popular crystal on the planet. Their deep purple tones indicate their high vibration that powerfully stimulates the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Amethyst crystals activate our higher mind and open us up to allow and receive of the Universal spiritual flow of Source energy.

Lapis Lazuli: "The Crystal of Intuition"

A beautiful deep blue crsytal with flecks of golden pyrite, lapis lazuli has an activating and energising effect on the third eye, or sixth chakra. This can open our awareness to a bigger picture of reality, one that includes the metaphysical, or spiritual dimensions. Like a sixth sense, we are then able to recieve guidance and gain perspective for living life to the fullest.

Citrine: "The Crystal of Abundance"

Associated with the infinite, golden radiance of the Sun, Citrine is famous for being a stone of abundance. It stimulates our Solar Plexus Chakra, activating an inner radiance that fills our auric feild with an abundant energy. This personal abundance can then attract new opportunities, enjoyable circumstances and unexpected blessings.

Sea-sediment Jasper: "Crystal of Emotional Stability"

This form of Jasper is fantastic for meditation as it is a stone that assists one to find states of clarity, inner peace, love and compassion.



Lava Rock: "The stone of New Beginnings"

From deep within, primordial energies of earth and fire burst forth, unstoppable and undeniable, establishing fresh ground for new beginnings. Also stimulates creativity and innovation while keeping ones awareness in the present moment.


Notes on fitting: 

The idea is to choose from our options the length of your wrist plus the suggested length for your desired fit. Therefore, if your actual wrist size is 14cm, and you prefer a slightly loose fit (most popular fit), then you would select a 16cm bracelet.

If your final measurement is somewhere between our options, its best to go with a slightly looser fit. That is, if your total is 13cm, then choose our 14cm bracelet. 

An exception could be if your total is 12.5cm for a slightly loose fit (you added 2cm to your actual wrist length), you could choose our 12cm bracelet as they tend to soften and stretch a little over time.

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