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Shungite is taking the conscious world by storm, appealing to those seeking protection from the vibrational onslaught of discordant Electromagnetic radiation from an ever-growing number of sources. I'm personally looking forward to the development of electromagnetically harmonious tech. Until then, I have a huge piece of shungite on my bedside table, carry a piece in my pocket or wear one of my pendants, especially when attending the Surfers paradise night markets, where there are more wifi signals then I've seen anywhere else! 

This unique, artisan handcrafted pendant is approximately 5cm long by 3cm wide and is wrapped in recycled 925 Sterling Silver wire. I love the way this square-shaped wire catches and reflects the light- it's so much nicer than the rounded wire I first started working with.

It comes complete with an adjustable length, black or brown, faux leather chord. Please leave a note during check out if you have a personal preference, otherwise I will make the choice for you (usually black for Elite Shungite).

If you'd like to buy a 925 Sterling Silver chain, click here and add one to the shopping cart- they are 20% off with any crystal pendant.

Elite Shungite: "The EMF Blocking Crystal"

Shungite is an incredibly interesting crystal found in Russia. Approximately 2 billion years old and composed of nearly pure carbon, it is generally believed to have strong grounding, shielding, and healing qualities. It has been proven scientifically to contain incredibly rare pure carbon molecules called fullerenes, which are believed to be the reason why Shungite displays an ability to absorb or deflect EMR. Although this effect is relatively localized, it is believed to positively influence the whole human electromagnetic field in a way that minimizes the negative effects of radiation from phones, wifi, etc. For more info, check out this article: emfprotectionforhome.com

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Will my pendant be cleansed before shipping?

A: Yes. Every pendant is placed on a large bed of Apophyllite which is known to be a great crystal for cleansing and charging any crystals placed on them. I regularly cleanse this "charging bed" with water, moonlight, and sunlight. Also, I place a single leaf of sacred White Sage in our packaging for you to use at home.

Q: What if the design I want is not currently available, or I'd like more than one in a similar design?

A: Please message me using our contact us form and I will notify you as soon as its re-listed, or with any other relevant details.

Q: Where do the crystals come from?

A: I purchase most of my crystals locally from crystal wholesalers, friends who sell crystals, and a local legend from Burringbar. I'll mention the origin of a crystal in the description of a listing if I know it for sure, especially if it's from Australia. 

Q: Does it come gift wrapped?

A: Yes, in a cute little Hessian bag with some White Sage. See the photo above for an example.

Artist Statement:

"Crystals are beautiful, wonderous, and mystical expressions of Nature. The journey of discovering them, wrapping them, and sharing them with others is both extremely enjoyable and deeply humbling.

Enjoyable because every crystal I wrap has one of a kind details and formations in them, I never tire of working with them. Also, when others mirror that sense of wonder back to me as they discover new crystals at the markets, it's always great fun to share in their excitement!

Humbling because I play a role in bringing crystals and people together in such a personal way. Seeing how beautifully a chosen pendant compliments and vibrationally benefits my customers, and how much they love and appreciate my work is one of the best feelings ever!

For me, crystals affirm our intuitive inner knowing and sensitivity to the fact that everything is essentially energy, that we are vibrational beings, and can feel the difference between positive, uplifting energy and discordant, unpleasant energy. 

They help us focus our minds and attune our hearts to that which truly serves our highest good and greatest potential. As spiritual Ally's to humanity, I believe crystals play a special role in our personal and social evolution into more enlightened ways of living and relating to others.