Adjustable in length, faux leather chord necklaces

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About these faux leather chords:

Easy to use, attractive to wear, and with a minimal environmental impact, these chords are a great way to wear your favourite crystal pendants. Being faux leather means they are not only vegetarian and vegan friendly, but also durable and washable. Also, the wooden "slider" bead can diffuse a therapeutic drop of essential oils for many hours.

How to use:

Please see product photo's for examples of each step if you'd like more clarity following this guide. Generally, no tools are required to fit these chords, however some people may need sizzors and/or small pliers.

Step 1:

Remove the first small wooden "end" bead by sliding it all the way off the end of the chord with the sticky tape "needle".

Step 2:

Thread the chord through the bail of your pendant.

Step 3:

Then thread the end of the chord back through the larger "slider" bead to create a necklace loop. This can be the trickiest part of the process, as most of the time you will have to carefully use the sticky tape needle to thread the chord through the bead. Referring to the third photo, pinch down hard on the tip of the tape on the right of the bead, then slide the bead to the left until you can easily pull through both ends of the chord.

Step 4:

Re-thread the "end" bead you removed in step 1, again using the tape "needle".

Step 5:

If you would like to minimise the length of the chord hanging down your back, now is the time to create the smallest loop that will fit over your head. Refer to the 5th photo, pull the knotted end right up to the slider bead, and also the end bead on the open ended chord. Pull the open ended chord through as far as possible while still being able to comfortably fit over your head. Then cut the chord about 1 inch or 2.5-3cm from the slider bead. Then pull some chord through to give you more length to tie the knot in step 6.

Step 6:

Remove the sticky tape needle, then do a single overhand knot, tightening it close to the end of the chord. The aim is to get the knot as tight as possible with only 3-5mm of chord sticking out the end. Use some force to test the knot by attempting to pull the knot off the end of the chord. If it unties, then simply try again. If the knot tightens up with too much chord sticking out, simply cut the excess off with sizzors or wire cutters.

Step 7: Adjust the chords so that both ends are an equal length from the slider bead. Push the slider bead close to the ends, to give you room to pull it over your head.

Being careful to keep your hair clear of the bead, hold both ends together in one hand and slide the larger, single bead up until you pendant sits in the perfect place. Maybe over your heart, maybe like a choker- the choice is yours.