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We are a family of three living by the seaside in the beautiful Byron Bay area, northern NSW Australia. We run our art, craft and jewellery business from our home, and we feel very blessed to have such a balanced, free lifestyle.

Our online dream is to connect with all the wonderful people, all around this beautiful world we share, who appreciate Artisan crafted gifts. Artisan crafted means hand made by the artist, and is a statement of inspired originality in design, with genuine love and pride in the making.
From Kylee: "The source of my inspiration is like a powerful, spiritual answer to my desire for more freedom, beauty, and joy in the world and in my life. These answers call to me continuously through my Dreams and through signs from my Totems: the Dolphins, Whales and the Bird Tribes of Mother Nature. This calling persists until I honour them by expressing their Essence through my art and craft. I've realised that this process is my way of embodying more of Who I Truly Am."
I hope you feel some of this energy and consciousness as you visit my store and check out my creations. Many of my friends tell me of the goosebumps they feel as they see or wear my products, and I always enjoy that as a sign that they are feeling a connection with more of All That They Are!
May we all come to Live from Love.
Kylee x
Kylee was destined be an artist. Her natural talent was evident from a very early age and she has been prolific in her artistic creations throughout her life. Over the years, she has enjoyed many experiences in the arts, including:
- wholesaling her art and crafts nationaly and internationally.
-being an independent, professional artist/crafts woman.
- curating an art gallery in Byron Bay.

She is a rare and inspiring example of an artist living abundantly through her creative, artistic expressions. She is free to create what she is passionate about, and loves it! She knows the Infinite Energy of Source is with her, and her life is full of ease and grace.

 She knows in every moment the Universe is offering  Divine Guidance and Unconditional Love through her Innate Connection with her own Inner Being.
Bringing the expansiveness of a beautiful, empowering and liberating Spiritual reality into greater conscious awareness is Kylee's purpose, great joy and divine service to others.


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