Amethyst & Garnet Elastic Ring

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This handmade elastic ring features a beautiful arrangement of Amethyst, Garnet, Hematite, and stainless steel beads.

Amethyst: "The Crystal of Divine Connection"

Amethyst is possibly the most popular crystal on the planet. Deep purple tones indicate a high vibration that clear, open and energise the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Amethyst crystals work by opening us up to allow the abundant, radiant flow of Universal Source energy.

Garnet: " Stone of Prosperity"

Garnet is a stone of fertility, abundance, prosperity and Earth power, cleansing and activating the first, or root, chakra. Garnet will help you to perceive and connect with Life's abundant, interconnected flow of enriching and nourishing energy. Ask for what you need, and know that Garnet will assist in bringing it to you.

Hematite: "The Stone of Strength"

Hematite has many amazing attributes, and so is a popular crystal to wear. Known mainly to ground energy and to protect the wearer, it is also said to help cleanse the blood and regenerating tissue, be helpful in legal situations and to boost self- esteem, will power and confidence.

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